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Easy Tools to handle difficult Kids… miracles take a while…

How to get into communication with …

Pro-blematic situations shifting them and make the best out of it.

Empowerment of parents and kids.

Creative sharing of daily life.


Feeling good.


Body, Mind and Spirit.



In this SESSION we apply difernt techniques.

-Lightbody- core activation.

-Forgive, Feel and Let Go.

-Guided Meditation.

-Harmonizing of Familystructures.

-Visualization, Meditation.

-Other issues can be harmonized.


The consecuence is a harmonisation on all levels:

Body, Mind and Spirit ( and emotional).



               Afterwords there is the possibility to do LIVING "LIGHT" sessions, whenever you wish.








Living “light”

Positive visualization with harmonization of specific issues, tasks and projects in life. (can also be of the past and future)


All we define in our surroundings has energy

...is frequency

...We can change this through a guided meditation and visualization, actively, so the frequency we had changes to a new frequency

...the result is that we pull difrent and even more harmonious situations into our lives.

A Domino- effect happens.

New-Starts can occour very fast.


Living “Light”




Helpful hints in tricky situations.

How to take them lighter.

How to transform issues.

In-Joying life however it is.

Positive Goals.

Letting go from the past and shift into the NOW.








Massage on Hands or Feet


Soft Massage for hands or feet.


It is great to relax the nervous system.

The hands and feet reflect our complete body.

The “programs” we have acquired and are no longer needed,

dissolve out of our cellular memory,

and we enter in to a state of deep relaxation.



The hand or feet Massage can be followed by

10 Minutes of Holding Feet

 during which you can feel a state of deep connection to yourself,

 feel grounded and nurtured.